Compensation to affected passengers above and beyond legal obligations

Going over and beyond the amount mandated by international law, Dubai-based Emirates airline is offering affected EK521 passengers a sum of $7,000 per passenger as compensation for the loss of baggage and damages they might suffered as a result of last week’s accident.

Emirates flight EK521 was involved in an accident upon landing at Dubai International Airport on August 3, 2016.

With 282 passengers on board the flight, the sum that Emirates is offering works out to Dh7.25 million in compensation and damages.

In addition, the airline is offering a full refund of the ticket price to all passengers, it said in a communication sent out to the passengers on board the affected flight.

Even as the airline lost its first aircraft in its 30-year history, all 282 passengers and 18 crew on board the aircraft were evacuated safely before the flight burst into flames.

Passengers have also been told that the airline will try and return any baggage that might have been salvaged following the fire.

“Anything that you were unable to retrieve at the time of the evacuation of the aircraft has most likely been destroyed. In accordance with International Law, you are entitled to $1,570 per person for the loss of your baggage and personal effects.

However Emirates would like to offer you an additional payment of $430 per person above and beyond our legal obligations in recognition of your traumatic experience,” the airline said in its communication dated August 7.

The airline is also refunding the tickets in full and said an additional $5,000 will be transferred to the passengers’ accounts in respect of any other damages suffered as a result of the incident.

Passengers who spoke to Emirates 24|7 say they are satisfied with the payment that has been voluntarily given to them.

“We never asked for anything. We are all happy that we got our lives back,” said Sai Bhaskar, one of the passengers

By Joseph George
“Emirates News 24/7”